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Janie Empress Realtor- Bringing you one step closer to Homeownership in Maryland and Pennsylvania

About Janie Alston

Bringing you one step closer to home, I specialize in providing excellent service to my clients who are looking to buy or sell a home. I work with VA loans, FHA, loans, Conventional loans etc. I also offer a Lease with the Right to Purchase Program. I service the entire state of Maryland and Pennsylvania and will walk you through from start to finish on your home buying/selling journey. As one of the TOP Producing Realtors in my brokerage, I strive to create lifetime relationships with my clients so I can continue to thrive in my career.

Latest Blog Posts

Need to clean the gutters?

There are some chores around the house that make you feel like you’ve really done something, giving you a sense of massive accomplishment and joy. Cleaning gutters isn’t one of them.

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Persistent drafts in your home

Oh, baby, it’s cold outside… and inside, too, if you’re standing close to a drafty window, door, or mysterious source of outside air. Persistent drafts are funny things. They can

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Baseboard heaters to keep warm

Keeping your house warm is important during the colder parts of the year, and there are a few different heating solutions you can rely on to get the job done. One option that’s often

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Water Leak ready

Leaks in your home can be a major problem. This is especially the case if leaks occur while you’re away from home or happen in places that you can’t easily access. While some leaks can

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